Warren Osborne Design

Warren Osborne

Event types

  • Corporate Events
  • Exhibitions

Core business categories

  • Activities & Entertainment
  • Content
  • Creative Team
  • Décor & Dressing
  • Production & Technical Team
  • Graphic Artists
  • Design & Artworking
  • Presentation Content
  • Creative & Design
  • Theming
  • Set Designer
  • Illustrators

Other services categories

  • Content
  • Photography & Video
  • Set & Stand Build
  • Video Production
  • Video Directors
  • Video Producers
  • Set & Stage Design and Build

Areas covered

  • United Kingdom



Warren Osborne
Warren Osborne Design
10 Corkland Road
United Kingdom
M21 8UT

+447973 660 505


Visuals: I create concept drawings of anything that you need from fully lit stage sets, to props and interactive interfaces.

Storyboards: I help you develop your filmed/animated concepts, then create a storyboard to assist you with the production or for presentation to your clients.

Illustration: I work in a wide range of styles to create bespoke illustrations.

Photoshop: Retouching and reworking photographic imagery - eg. creating montage backdrops, adding revised branding to a product, restoring/colouring archive photos.