Thanks for wanting to know more about us.

Here at The Events Directory we are striving to create the largest network of tried and trusted suppliers and we’d love you to be part of this movement.

By joining us, it’s an opportunity to not only build your online profile and showcase your experience, but by using our unique Endorsement feature it shows you have solid peer-to-peer relationships and are thought highly of by other industry professionals.

Once you are signed up, you can browse the listings and endorse people you may know. They’ll get a message to say that you have endorsed them and in turn, they should endorse you back – it’s that simple.

We grow our network by asking you, once you are part of the site, to recommend other companies that you know and trust. By getting them on board, not only does it grow our community of the best of the best, it also will raise your profile as the wider your network, the higher you will appear on user searches.

OK – I’ve heard enough – how do I join up?

Here’s a link that takes you straight to the registration document.


We’d advise you to have a look at the other supplier profiles to see what works well - images, video and a good amount of copy, including testimonials, really enhance pages.

Also, if you have any specialisms that you think sets you apart, i.e. Pharmaceutical or wedding event planning, put that in, it will help our users to refine their search.

Whilst we would love to do this for free we do have to charge a small admin fee to build, manage the site and also to be constantly looking for new amazing suppliers to add into the team.

However, due to the current COVID crisis and the horrendous impact this is having on our industry, we are offering FREE listings until June 2021.

Sign up now and your listing is FREE until June 2021
From June to Dec 2021 you will get a year’s membership at a 50% discount for £50
From Jan 2022 the fee will then be £100 per year.

What do you get for this fee?

Whilst we are a listing site, we do see The Events Directory as so much more. As part of your membership you get:

  • Your own unique company page which you can update and change at anytime, showcasing:
    • Your company logo
    • Up to 10 photos
    • Up to 10 videos
    • Unlimited word count about you and your business
    • Direct links from your page to your website and social media platforms
    • Multiple category insertions
  • Regular updates on your endorsements and who’s new on the site
  • Monthly updates on how many views and click-throughs your page has had
  • Yearly review

What we’d like from you

It’s a simple one…

To spread the word to all of your tried, tested and trusted suppliers that you have worked with. The wider the network, the more the site will become the go-to place for event planners.

If at any time you need any help, just contact us at hello@theeventsdirectory or call us on 0161 241 2744