What is The Events Directory?
The directory was set up to showcase the best that the events industry has to offer.

We know how difficult it is to find the right people, in the right place, that you can trust to deliver your event. So we created a platform where we could not only share our industry insider knowledge of the best event suppliers and freelancers, but where other industry professionals could also share theirs, creating a network of endorsed companies and individuals.

This means that the vetting has been done for you, taking the risk out of using suppliers you’ve never used before.

How do I register my company on the site?
You may have been invited by a current supplier or you can click on ‘Join Us’ in the main menu. Once registered be sure to endorse other suppliers and contact ones you know so they can endorse you back.

How much does it cost to get my company listed on the site?
Due to the current situation we are offering FREE listings until June 2021, there will then be a small annual fee.

Anyone who signs up between June – Dec 2021 will get a year’s membership at a 50% discount for £50, from Jan 2022 the fee will then be £100 per year.

Does it cost to use the site?
No – the site is free to use and search.

All the suppliers that are featured on the site pay a small admin fee to be listed.

What is the shortlist?
When searching the site you can create a shortlist of suppliers that you may want to contact at a later date, or to build a team for your event.

You can create multiple shortlists if you have numerous projects on the go, and can share these lists with anyone outside of the site for them to review.

You need to create a user profile to do this by registering an e-mail address and a log-in password on the Shortlist page. This information is not used for any marketing purposes.

How do I create a shortlist?
You need to create a user profile to build a shortlist by registering an e-mail address and a log-in password on the Shortlist page. You can then just click ‘add to shortlist’ when you like the look of a supplier.

Can you guarantee that all the suppliers listed will do a good job?
We rely on all of our members to only recommend the suppliers that they know and trust, therefore reducing the risk, or using errant companies. We cannot offer any guarantees, however if there are any issues with suppliers, please let us know on hello@theeventsdirectory.com and we will look in to it for you.

What if a supplier doesn’t do a good job? How do I complain?
In the unlikely event there are any issues with suppliers, just drop us an email to hello@theeventsdirectory.com to raise a query / complaint.

We will look at each complaint individually and contact both the client and supplier to discuss the matter.

It is in everyone’s interests only to keep the best of the best on the site so that everyone has peace of mind when booking a company / individual.

Do you have a feedback process?
We don’t run a system where clients can give the suppliers a rating / feedback once they have been used on an event. Recommendations can be put onto the site through contacting the supplier and they can then put your testimonial on their individual supplier page.
Endorsements can only be given by other suppliers on the site.

How does the endorsement process work?
The site started with our little black book of tried and trusted suppliers, built over 20 years of working in the industry. Once they signed up they then recommended, and endorsed, their favourite individuals and suppliers.

Every time a supplier is listed they are asked to share details of their most highly recommended companies, continuing to build a network of the best in the industry.

Once a supplier is listed they can then search the site and endorse anyone who is already listed but they have used and also recommend.

The number and details of each supplier’s endorsements is shown on their page.