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Neil Marcus


Neil Marcus
Red Man Events
Brynhyfryd House, Nr Pencoed, Bridgend
United Kingdom
CF35 6NE

+44 (0)7774 940 811


Event types

  • Corporate Events
  • Private Parties
  • Outdoor
  • Exhibitions

Core business categories

  • First Aid
  • Health & Safety Advisors
  • Health & Safety Companies
  • Insurance Providers
  • Event Organisers
  • Exhibition Floor Managers
  • Exhibition Managers
  • Producers
  • Project Managers
  • Fire Safety
  • Construction Design Management (CDM 2015)
  • Environmental Management
  • COVID-19 Compliance Officers
  • Stand Plan Auditing (Space Only Approvals processes)
  • Risk Assessment Production
  • Construction Phase Plans

Other services categories

  • Evening
  • Fairground
  • Live Music & DJs
  • Sports & Outdoor
  • Team Building
  • Draping
  • Finishing Touches
  • Lighting
  • Theming
  • Event Apps & Voting Keypads
  • Access & Plant Hire
  • Card Payments & Machines
  • Cleaning
  • Fencing & Barriers
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Internet & WiFi
  • Onsite Vehicles
  • Power & Generators
  • Temporary Flooring
  • Toilets
  • Trakway
  • Waste Management
  • Water Supply
  • Logistics Manager
  • Local Crew
  • Production Assistants
  • Production Managers
  • Security
  • Showcallers
  • Stage Managers
  • Marquees
  • Outdoor Stages
  • Flooring
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Radios & Comms
  • Rigging
  • Set & Stage Design and Build
  • Sound Equipment
  • Special Effects
  • Rigging Supervisors
  • Sanitisation

Areas covered

  • Worldwide


RED MAN EVENTS is positively involved in the Events and Entertainment industry in many areas, from full production delivery to providing bespoke health & safety; Red Man and the team are highly experienced and qualified to do this.

Conferences, Concerts, Exhibitions, Festivals, Product launches, Parties, Themed Events, Sporting Events, Special Projects, TV events, and Tours.
RED MAN is committed to producing work across a dynamic range of events from conception to delivery of the event, working with your own team to complement their skills and abilities. We can grow any idea of an event irrespective of size or location.

We are dedicated to designing, costing, planning and producing events to the highest standard with specific attention to detail and customer value.


We take a positive and proactive approach to all aspects of Health & Safety within the Events industry, and the team are experienced and holds all the required qualifications and training to promote such activity in a highly professional way. With clear objectives to protect the public, you, your staff and your reputation to produce a successful event.

Working alongside we can guide you through the process of licence applications, the role of the local authority, and the emergency service liaison and produce what is at the soul of any event - the Event Safety Management Plan.

Red Man Events also produce bespoke, robust Major Incident & Crisis Management plans for all scales and types of live events. Red Man events are highly experienced operational specialists in this area of work.
Red Man Events provides
Qualified COVID-19 Officers ( Event Monitoring / Compliance Officers)

Other information:

The environmental impact of any event is vital to consider. BS8901 the regulation built around the event industry is at the core of all Red Mans planning. And where applicable ISO 14000 and ISO 20121 are used to manage all the projects we are involved with.

RED MAN has been involved in education at degree level for events people for 34 years and can design educational courses and training packages to suit your needs.

RED MAN has spoken at many conferences and conventions.