Fierce Coaching

Heather Agan

Event types

  • Corporate Events
  • Private Parties
  • Virtual/Hybrid

Core business categories

  • Content
  • Event Management / Support Team
  • Presenter / Speakers
  • Agencies
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Voiceover / Voice of God
  • Event Organisers
  • Producers
  • Project Managers
  • Awards Hosts
  • Comperes
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Event / Production Agencies
  • Experiential Agencies
  • Presenter / Speaker Agencies
  • Event Staff

Areas covered

  • United Kingdom



Heather Agan
Fierce Coaching
Cheshire, UK
United Kingdom
WA16 9QJ

07808 802 705


Launched at the end of 2020, Fierce Coaching exists to support & motivate you to find & follow your inner fierce as you move towards your life goals. 

Created by Heather Agan, an events producer, who retrained as a life coach in 2020 when the pandemic hit the industry hard & left her wondering ‘is there more to me than events?’

Coaching sessions with Heather are a powerful tool for growth & motivation when navigating major change in life and work. Fierce Coaching can help you see the opportunity in overcoming challenges and discover what you truly want from life.

You can contact Heather to arrange a 30 minute discovery call to talk through how Fierce Coaching could work for you. Your discovery call is free of charge and further sessions can be booked in blocks of 6, 3 or as single sessions.

Other information:

Life coaching (or just ‘coaching’) is a tool that empowers individuals and help them reach their goals; during a coaching session the coach walks by the side of the client to help them reach their ultimate goals & aspirations.

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