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Tim Way


Tim Way
Tim Way Sound Engineer
United Kingdom

07971 474 911


Event types

  • Corporate Events
  • Private Parties
  • Outdoor
  • Exhibitions
  • Virtual/Hybrid

Core business categories

  • Digital & Virtual
  • Sound Crew
  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Equipment
  • Virtual Meetings, Tradeshows, Conferences

Other services categories

  • Digital & Virtual
  • Sound Crew
  • Sound Designer
  • Radios & Comms
  • Sound Equipment
  • Video Conferencing
  • Virtual Meetings, Tradeshows, Conferences
  • Webcasts / Webinars

Areas covered

  • Worldwide


I am a Sound Engineer for Virtual, Hybrid & Live Events and a Music Composer for Media. I love creating experiences and collaborating with passionate people.

Virtual, Hybrid & Live Sound
My passion is to create the best experience for the audience. I believe this results from top class production values, a collaborative creative process, teamwork, and my desire to always strive for the best show possible.

For over twenty years I have worked as a sound engineer and system designer for events around the world. A virtual event in Doncaster, an arena in Orlando, or a site specific theatre show in Italy, they are all treated with equal importance.

I am very experienced in mixing audio for virtual and hybrid events, with a deep knowledge of Yamaha Desks, Dante, Companion & Stream Decks, Unity, and Shure wireless systems.

Original Music
My music is sensitive and intuitive, containing found sounds and other manipulated elements in order to form rich textures with great depth. The creative process is the same whether creating atmospheric and deep or upbeat and happy pieces of original work. Delivery is according to lengths required and agreed, whether it’s a 15s version, full length version, or any combination needed.

Where are we? Spain, a dark forest, an asylum? Let’s make it feel like we are there. I use sounds I record and source combined with creative manipulation to paint soundscapes that transform spaces.

Music Curation and Mixing
I help find music and put it together to arrange mixes to form audio tapestries. Other times I simply find the killer track for that moment. My commissions include advertising campaigns, fashion shows and site-specific theatre.

Dante Level 1, 2 & 3 (1st & 2nd Edition)  Certified | Shure Wireless Master Class

Other information:

Company Name
Many Hats Limited