James Hill - Dreamland Recording Company

James Hill


James Hill
James Hill - Dreamland Recording Company
United Kingdom

Event types

  • Corporate Events
  • Virtual/Hybrid

Core business categories

  • Digital & Social Media
  • Presentation Content
  • Slide Designer / Operator
  • Sound Crew
  • Video Crew
  • Video Conferencing

Areas covered

  • Worldwide


Client-friendly, self-contained Powerpoint & graphics onsite operator, background as audio-visual technician and technical manager. Corporate events, conferences, congresses, awards shows and meetings.

Slide production, template design, formatting, “Can you make this look nicer?” Probably.

Since lockdown risen from Zoom Technician “novice” to at least “apprentice”, hosting Zoom rooms and webinars, feeding in PPT content, polls, Q&A etc.

Keen-but-amateur sound and video crew. (Pre-digital, I began as an A/V all-rounder and before that was a recording studio engineer.)

Other information:

I supply (for hire) my own matched-pair of up-to-date PC laptops main and backup, for onsite operation. My technical background allows me to join the crew for rigs and derigs. No white gloves here.

Slide production at home is charged at a daily or hourly rate.