Event Masters Student - Jessica Tinker

Jessica Tinker


Jessica Tinker
Event Masters Student - Jessica Tinker
United Kingdom

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Event types

  • Corporate Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Virtual/Hybrid

Core business categories

  • Graduate / New to the Industry

Areas covered

  • United Kingdom
  • Yorkshire & the Humber


I am a polite, self-motivated and conscientious student, willing to try new things and complete them on time to a high standard. I excel in a team environment; however, I am sufficiently flexible to work independently. Communicating well and relating to all types of people from different walks of life, I have gained many skills from various employments which I have gained through my own efforts. I have a good sense of humour and I see myself as a mature young adult which enables me to act practically and confidently in different situations which I am faced with. I am now looking to further develop my skills and apply them to a marketing/events placement.

Education and Qualifications
Current- International Events Management Masters

Manchester Metropolitan University: 1st class honours
Undergraduate studying BSc Business Studies & Marketing
• Dynamic Business Environment (2017/18)
• Understanding and Managing People (2017/18)
• Managing Effective Organisations (2018/19)
• Ideas, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (2018/19)
• Global Strategy (2019/20)
• Young Enterprise (2019/20)
• Marketing Communication Theory (2017/18)
• Principles of Marketing (2017/18)
• The Big Agency (2018/19)
• Brand Management (2018/19)
• Strategic Marketing Management (2019/20)
• Strategic Communications and Advertising Planning (2019/20)

2015-2017- Huddersfield New College - A levels:
Media (B)
Phycology (C)
English Lang (C)

2010-2015- Holmfirth High School - GCSE’s:
Maths(C) English Lit(A) English Lang(B) Core Science(B) Additional Science(B) ICT(Merit) PE(C) Media(B) Geography(B) German(B) RE(C)

Work Experience
March 2019- present : CERA Care Assistant
• I am currently employed as a healthcare assistant at CERA around Huddersfield.
• My role consists of caring for vulnerable people and creating a safe and comfortable environment
• I find this work rewarding and motivating as I know I am helping those that need it on a daily basis
• Working within a team-based environment has also helped me adapt my communication skills, alongside working in a challenging environment has also helped me develop quick decision making especially within unexpected situations within the workplace.

Sept 2016- 2019 :Box office/ Picturedrome- Holmfirth
• Working behind a bar within a busy environment has helped me with my communication.
• Handling money regularly has helped my mental maths skills.
• Working at regular music gigs has given me an insight on organising music events and how to create a safe environment for the crowds participating the events.

Sept 2018- 2019 : Old Trafford- Manchester
• Waitressing within a formal environment has increased my confidence and communication skills.
• Working in a busy environment has also increased my organisation skills
Feb 2014- Aug 2016: White Horse
• White Horse Public House – Jackson Bridge, Waitress
Jan 2013-2018: Sarah and Sarah cleaning business
• My mum used to own her own cleaning business in which I help daily with the practical side of the business.

11/04/2016-15/04/2016: BHP Accountants
• During College, I spent a week at BHP Accountants.
• I assisted the marketing manager with their various tasks such as filing and general office administration.
• Strengthened communication skills and learnt how to work well as a team with colleagues and managers within a busy working environment.

10/03/2014-15/03/2014: Wooldale Junior and infant School
• During High School, I spent a week at Wooldale Junior and Infant School.
• I assisted taught lessons and lead some activities within a sports lesson.
• Confidence levels increased due to leading my individual activities in front of a class of thirty children.
• Strengthened organisation and time managing skills when planning sports activities during the physical education lesson.

17/02/2014-21/03/2014: Juice Learning
• I spent my second week of work experience at Juice Learning.
• I assisted the business team in various activities, such as helping to host a promotional event in London and organising tasks prior to the event, such as organising name tags. During the event, I had the role of making sure everyone was allocated to the right room at the right time in order to make the event run smoothly. I also took pictures throughout the event to provide footage for the companies’ e-portfolio.
• Working within a business environment and promoting an event allowed me to increase my confidence and organisation skills.
• Adaptable and able to pick up procedures quickly proved effective when running the event in London.

08/04/2019-12/04/2019: Hays
• I spent the first week of Easter at Hays educations which is part of Hays PLC , the global leader in recruitment work experience
• I assisted with developing various parts of social media for the firm and helped with the organisation of the leadership breakfast meeting, assisting with the coordination of guest speakers and designing invites prior to the event
• Working at such an event increased my confidence levels as I had to speak to and organise a diverse team.

17/03/2020: Pogues Whiskey Promo Event
• The event consisted of promoting Pogues whiskey around bars/ restaurants in Manchester aimed at the public and students at the universities.
• The promotional activities included games, information and taster tests all linked to the brand, whilst giving out branded merchandise.
• This promotional event gave me the confidence and communication skills needed to promote a brand successfully.

11/01/2021- 01/02/2021: Link Communication
Customer Data Base Management
• Expanding, updating, and cleansing the customer data base.
• Researching and confirming new marketing industry contacts.
Direct Marketing
• Design and creation of emailers and web blogs.
• Use of HubSpot for email marketing. 
• Researching trade journals for new business leads.

Positions of Responsibility and Awards
JSLA Leadership Award
• Developed leadership skills through managing and running sporting activities for junior students.
• Developed organisation skills through managing my time during the activities and organising the younger students to produce an effective and swift session.

Level One Athletics Leadership
• Assisted in planning events for a group of younger children based on athletics.
• Communicated with students with the ability to give them direction for the correct technique to follow out the activity and answer any appropriate questions related to the session.

Bronze Award DofE
• Developed team building skills, worked effectively as a team and communicated well throughout the experience.
• I found the experience challenging, however with determination and team-work I completed the expedition with high scores

Other information:


• English writing and reading in fluent level
• German, basic level
• Efficient in using Microsoft word and PowerPoint
• Completed a CAD course through MMU for festival site plans
• St John Ambulance certificate
• Level Two Food and Hygiene certificate
• Health and safety certificate
• Driving certificate- no minors

Interests & Activities
Voluntary work: 2015-2019
• Volunteer at a dance class every Wednesday night in Holmbridge.
• This enables me to interact and help small children with their dancing skills which has boosted my confidence and ability to develop my leadership skills.
• I also helped during the dance exams with the music and also throughout the productions in terms of helping to organise the children’s roles and music.

Business - EmpowHER
• During my final at MMU, one of the modules during Young Enterprise was to design a sustainable business. The team and I designed a business called Butter Up Cosmetics, which consisted of candles in the form of sustainable packaging which transformed into a moisturiser when melted.
• Our business became successful over the course of the year, as we were selected to participate in the regional finals, after coming 1st in the trade stand event in December 2019.
• Working within a diverse team environment has allowed me to form friendships and adapt my communication and organisation skills accordingly, giving me the motivation to develop this business with my colleagues after university is complete.
• However after our final year myself and Dany were the only members of the team who seemed motivated to carry the business on. This is where EmpowHER was created.
• EmpowHER is a beauty and skincare brand with a passion for sustainability. All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free and contain all-natural ingredients.
• Our mission is to empower women through the use of beauty and skincare through various products such as glow serums.

References available on request