We know how difficult it is to find the right people, in the right place, that you can trust to deliver your event.

So we have created a platform where we could not only share our insider knowledge of the best event suppliers and freelancers, but where other industry professionals could also share theirs, creating a network of endorsed companies and individuals.

The Events Directory is completely free and easy to use.
Simply enter a keyword into the search bar or browse by event type and away you go!

There are lots of event listing sites out there so what makes us unique?


When you search our suppliers, look out for the endorsement badges on their home pages. These show who else on the site has recommended them, the more badges, the more reassured that you can be of how established and highly thought of they are within the industry.

You can cross reference who has used them by clicking on the endorsement badges, this is helpful to see who works with whom, so if you want to, you can start to save to a shortlist and start to build yourself an event team!


As you search suppliers, you can save any that you are interested in contacting into our ‘Shortlist’ feature. You can build a team up for a specific event or save them for other events you may have in mind for later.

The Events Directory.
Whoever you are looking for, from event manager extraordinaire to the latest in balloon wizardry, lighting tech to creative guru, they are all here. Tried, trusted and listed.

If you think someone should be on the site and isn’t, or if you have used someone on the site and don’t think they should be on here, please contact us at