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Karl Gerrish

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  • Virtual/Hybrid

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  • Content
  • Creative Team
  • Design & Artworking
  • Presentation Content
  • Slide Designer / Operator
  • Video Production
  • Creative & Design

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  • Print
  • Technical
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  • Pop Ups
  • Small Format
  • General AV

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  • United Kingdom



Karl Gerrish
OnPoint PowerPoint
25 Whinmoor Drive
Clayton West
United Kingdom

07478 550 090


‘I do PowerPoint for a living.’

My daughter thinks that the funniest thing ever. Actually, my friends aren’t far behind. I generally tell people that I meet ‘I do events’, they don’t ask so many questions then.

I actually used to ‘do events’ - everything from the set designs to the staff management, to the PowerPoint and the accounts. 5 years ago, I decided to go it alone and just ‘do PowerPoint’. I have never looked back. I love it.

Having the events background for the past 15 years can be a great help too as I understand what really goes on with the clients.

Other information:

What do I actually do?
Deck creation following your spec, 16x9, ultra-wide, whatever the format - Population and formatting to your client’s brand guidelines - Client changes - Client off site rehearsals - Client Changes - 3 hour conference calls - Client changes - Stage rehearsals - Client Changes - Early morning rehearsals, and more client changes!

You get the gist…
If you have ever done an event you know what happens onsite, happy to just get it done with no stress. In fact, I quite like the crazy, ever changing jobs, with last minute changes (the time flies by). Don’t get me wrong, also happy baby-sitting an external speaker and making sure everything is running as it should, but it’s not quite as exciting!

Flexible and available to travel worldwide. No distance too far. No event too large or too small. Just as happy with 3000 delegates in the audience as sitting in a boardroom with the CEO creating slides.

Cool under pressure.
With my event background I understand that it’s not a 9-5 job and that it can change and evolve as it’s going on. I will be as flexible with you as you need me too as I hope you will be with me.

Strong eye for detail.
Strong attention to detail and organisational skills, to be honest I’m a bit OCD with my version control so watch out. (I will let you know if you mess up!) you will thank me for it in the end.

My OCD helps with managing presentations to multiple rooms at the same time. So, if you have a tech event with hundreds of presentations, I am happy to look after this side too.

Ability to work well with both client and agency team members. Can’t make your client rehearsal? I am happy stepping in and representing your company, picking up changes, you know that sort of stuff! I have a wardrobe full of client branded shirts to prove it!!

Happy being a sole traveller, I have got that nailed, but I also love working as a team onsite.

Expert knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint obviously, although do use Keynote and Google slides.

Have subscription to the full Adobe suite so at home editing VTs, audio tracks and touching up a photo or two.

Very technically minded so happy to talk direct to the tech company.

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